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#POLYCLETUS studio is run by a team of sculptors with an academic art education and a wide range of artistry. Since 2008 our team has fulfilled over two hundred orders.  Our team includes designers, artists, model-makers, painters, air-brushers, sculptors, carpenters, and welders with passion for creating imaginative, immersive, and experiential sculpture.  We have many years of experience with various types of  sculpture (styrofoam, bronze, metal, marble, polymers) in major public and private facilities around the world. Although our masters mostly have a classical education, we avidly follow the modern trends of world sculpture. We work in all styles and directions of modern and classical sculpture - this allows us to satisfy all our customers' requests (hyperrealism, abstraction).  No project is too large or small, from a 2' small statue to a 50' tall animal sculpture. If you can design it, we can create a physical model of it.  If you can't design it, we have a team of professionals who can.  We can create 3D models from scans, drawings, photos, and even napkins. Our clients are owners of apartments and houses, various leisure and entertainment centers, such as bowling alleys, restaurants, cafes, night clubs, as well as serious organizations and large companies. For example, car dealerships, commercial, residential, hotel complexes, government agencies, etc.


Turnaround time for a sculpture


This depends on the features of the model itself as well as its size.  It usually takes six to eight weeks for you to recieve the the sculpture (starting when we take the order).  Larger projects can take four to six months or longer.  We understand that sometimes deadlines are tight and we can also accommodate urgent orders.

The cost of an order depends largely on the complexity, footage, technique, and consumables required, and is calculated individually.


For all inquiries you can reach us at:


Foam sculpturing is one of the most popular mediums for sculpturing – an art form that produces fast and awesome-looking sculptures.  Whether intended for trade shows, museums, theme parks and attractions, retail stores, office complex's, lobby displays, faux landscape, or special events, foam sculptures can provide a realistic and awe-inspiring physical models of the original design.  These foam sculptures can be themed models, statues, animals, creatures, murals, props, architectural, dioramas, letters/numbers, special foam shapes, or unique displays.  They can breathe life into creatures and their surroundings, allow you to relive your favorite movie scene, attract visitors at a tradeshow, or create that magical environment you've always wanted to be a part of. You are only limited by your imagination.


Bronze - the most common material, is widely used in sculptural works, ranging from monumental projects to figurines and busts. Due to the strong layer of patina on the bronze, the casting is not affected by the environment. A bronze sculpture is distinguished by its beauty and elegance, leaving no one indifferent. Some excellent alternatives include: aluminum, stainless steel, or brass.

Marble - (the shiny Greek stone) is a magnificent decorative stone. Greeks appreciated the strength characteristics of the material and widely used it in manufacturing columns and sculptural compositions, which required enormous physical and time costs. Modern artificial marble beats the natural kind not only in strength, but also in the quality of the finest details. 

Gypsum - a largely affordable and extremely popular sculptural material.
A sculpture made of gypsum looks perfectly cast down to the smallest detail. It's also possible to create a bronze tint. Among the shortcomings, one can note the fragility and the vulnerability to natural factors in the open air. It predominates in interior elements in the form of busts, statuettes, bas-reliefs, etc.

Concrete - allows you to create an expensive, but less elaborate composition than stone, bronze, or plaster, in exchange for scale and complexity.
Inferior to natural stone in strength characteristics, despite the fact that the composition uses a mixture of natural crumbs of stone.




We pack our orders in wooden boxes. The thickness of a wall is 2.3622' (6cm). The sculptures are wrapped in an anti-impact material and fixed inside the box so that there is no loose movement.  We ship all over the world.


Working on the sculpture is divided into several stages:  a sketch wherein the main artistic tasks are solved, creating a solid framework, molding the model in a soft material (clay or plasticine), molding the final sculpture, making a wax model for the removed forms, and finally, casting In bronze, concrete gypsum or in a polymer.

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Yaroslav Levchenko









Yaroslav Levchenko - Artist, sculptor, art critic. Member of the Association of Art Critics of the International Association of Art Critics AICA. Head of International Relations of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists of Russia, section of monumental art.


Creative activity

      In his painting and sculptural works  Levchenko combines the high professionalism of the St. Petersburg academic art school and imaginative techniques that gravitate toward the problems of contemporary art. He understands the nature of the unattainable perfection of the great works of Western European art in the widest chronological and stylistic range - from the medieval Gothic and Byzantine tradition, from the cultural heritage of the Far East to the West European baroque and classicism of the second half of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Creatively interpreting the images created by the great masters of the past, I .YU. Levchenko asserts in his works the indissoluble unity of the perfection of execution and depth, the significance of spiritual content. These picturesque and sculptural works are distinguished by the perfection of the drawing, the completeness of the plastic form, the originality of the design, which allows us to expressly reveal the themes and motifs that are significant and in demand in the modern world. Creativity Ya.Yu. Levchenko has already received international recognition. In 2017, he performed the ceremonial official portraits of Prince Michael of Kent and Princess Mary of Christina von Reibnitz.

       The largest exhibition projects with the participation of Y. Levchenko: Three personal exhibitions in the representation of the Hermitage Museum Complex, the Hermitage-Vyborg Exhibition Center within the framework of the project "Italian Painting and Baroque Sculpture in the Hermitage Collection". Personal exhibition in the Federal State Institution "State Complex" Palace of Congresses ", Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Strelna, Konstantinovsky Palace. Participation in the project "Manifesto", St. Petersburg (2014). Participation in exhibitions of contemporary art in Russia and major art centers abroad (Athens, Venice, Zurich, Tokyo). Contribution of the artist to contemporary art received a worthy assessment. In 2007 and 2008 Y. Levchenko was recognized as a laureate of contemporary art exhibitions held in Japan. In 2014 he was awarded the Prize of the Council for Culture for his services in the development of the spiritual culture of St. Petersburg. In 2016 he was awarded the Medal of the Assumption Cathedral of the Tikhvin Mother of God. Ya.Yu.Levchenko - Laureate of the Youth Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg in the field of fine arts for 2016 (Best Artist of the Year).

       An important place in the artist's work belongs to working in the field of monumental painting and church art. Since 2014,  Levchenko has been working together with the icon painter Dr. Yorgos Kordis, a leading professor at the Athens State University. In 2014, together with other participants of the workshop G. Kordis participated in the creation of murals of the Church of St. Nicholas (Beirut, Lebanon).

Works by  Levchenko are in major museums of Russia and the world (the State Hermitage Museum, the State Museum of the Palace of Congresses, Strelna, the National Museum of Russian Art, Ukraine, Kiev, the State Museum "Vyborg Castle", Vyborg, World Expo Museum, Shanghai, China), as well as in private Collections in Russia and abroad.

Teaching Activities

           Levchenko is a professor of St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry named after A.L. Stieglitz, Russia.






























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